Quitting drugs or alcohol cold turkey can be risky or even life-threatening. That's why it's important to go to rehab, where you can detox and begin your inpatient or outpatient treatment. Leading rehabs ensure your body safely rids itself of drugs or alcohol, and toxins. They offer round-the-clock supervision and can provide medication to make the entire process as comfortable as possible.

At Northbound, we’re a top-rated San Jose drug rehab that can help you get off alcohol or drugs and improve your quality of life. We focus on the root cause of your addiction to increase your chances of achieving long-lasting sobriety.

Our Background

We opened our doors in 1988 under the name National Therapeutic Services. In 2008, Paul Alexander took over and expanded it from a local Orange County center into a nationally acclaimed treatment facility. Alexander rebranded NTS as an organization that lived by the values of honesty, transparency, and authenticity and also changed our name to Northbound. To date, our culture reflects these same values when serving mental health and substance use clients. We pride ourselves on treating you with the dignity and respect they deserve.

What’s more, we know you can feel overwhelmed about finding the right rehab. That's why we create a welcoming, friendly environment backed by a dedicated team that genuinely wants to see you live your best life. Our comprehensive co-occurring disorder treatment will establish the foundation you need to fully embrace recovery and stay on the right track.

Experience And Expertise

For over 30 years, we've offered compassionate, lifesaving care and top-of-the-line addiction and mental health services. Thousands of people from all walks of life have left our facility transformed, renewed, and substance free. We have 200 years of combined experience in addiction treatment and over 30 qualified doctors and addiction treatment specialists.

So far, 97 percent of participants have stayed sober after completing our rehab programs. We’re keen on providing highly personalized care to our clients. In fact, we have a 1:1 staff-to-client ratio to better guide our clients through the recovery process.

Reason For Doing What We Do

We recognize that addiction isn't a lack of willpower. It's a debilitating, progressive disease that can harm you and everyone around you. That's why we're passionate about providing second-to-none addiction treatment if you're ready to turn your life around.

Our caring professionals will help you through the healing process using well-rounded approaches and proven methods. This ensures your recovery has the best chance of lasting even after leaving our co-occurring addiction treatment centers. We’re always excited to see our clients making big changes and looking forward to healthy, purposeful lives free from the chains of addiction.

Get Help For Your Addiction

Do you have substance use and co-occurring mental disorders and are looking for the best treatment? We’re here for you. At Northbound, we’re a premier San Jose drug rehab that offers exceptional dual diagnosis addiction treatment. No matter where you are in your addiction, our programs are designed to help you recover. It's never too late. Verify your insurance for treatment today: https://www.northboundtreatment.com/insurance/.

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