Combine your practice’s prescription for sustained-release anti-craving medication with UnCraveRX, and your patients will see long-term weight loss. Medications, implants, and surgery to lose weight are all important tools in the battle to overcome obesity. Still, there is a tool available from UnCraveRx that can significantly increase your patients’ chances of experiencing permanent results. Our program provides support, nutritional coaching, and a platform for patients to interact and provide mutual encouragement.

Why Don’t Most Patients Lose Weight?

Even with a proven weight loss medication, results can vary significantly from one patient to the next. While your patients may not fully understand why their efforts to lose weight ultimately fail, it’s easy for your staff to see the other factors that play into weight loss outcomes, such as motivation, commitment, and underlying reasons for losing weight. You can join the UnCraveRX provider Team and give your patients a powerful tool in their fight to lose weight long-term and decrease health risks associated with obesity. There are many benefits to using the UnCraveRx program:

  • Patients stay motivated long after their initial drive to lose weight fades
  • Our app provides live and virtual classes and fitness plans
  • Questions & answers forum with live support groups
  • Live 1:1 nutrition appointments and classes
  • Unlimited messaging to and from wellness specialists
  • Immediate access to the UnCraveRX Food Library & Hydration Tracker
  • Personalized coaching from a team of nutrition experts
  • Weight loss goals within reach

What is a Sustained-Release Anti-Craving Medication?

Weight loss medications come in all sizes and shapes. Many doctors prescribe a sustained-release anti-craving medication to patients having a difficult time losing weight because it’s effective in eliminating or reducing food cravings and it releases the medication over time, so the medication works for many hours. This type of prescription is very effective in treating obesity, but it does have pitfalls. Combined with UnCraveRx, prescriptions, implants, and surgical treatments have a greater likelihood of success in the long-term.

Is Your Prescribed RX Doing Enough?

Do you often hear stories of initial weight loss success followed by failure? If your patients feel confused or frustrated by the fact that weight loss seems easy in the beginning stages but significantly more challenging as time goes by, UnCraveRx can make a huge difference in weight loss outcome for your patients. Our program sustains motivation and encourages patients to stay the course over time, so they’ll not only reach their goals, but will achieve permanent weight loss. It starts with a conversation in your office about UnCraveRX.

How Do I Join the Team?

Training is available for your entire staff so that you’ll be ready to answer patients’ questions when they look to your practice for sustainable weight loss options. You already have multiple treatments available, including sustained-release anti-craving medication, implants, surgical options, and referrals for laser sculpting; now you can show your patients the best way to lose weight, keep it off, and experience long-term lifestyle changes that are easy to adhere to, with UnCraveRx.