More than 27 million Americans―one in nine―abuse at least one substance.

Drug abuse costs the nation more than $120 billion per year in lost productivity.

According to National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC) estimates, drug abuse accounts for $49 billion in reduced workdays, $48 billion in incarceration expenses and $4 billion due to premature deaths.

NDIC estimates annual cost of drug-related crime in the United States is more than $61 billion with criminal justice comprising $56 billion of that cost.

70% of arrestees test positive for illicit substances at the time of their arrest.

Annual cost of emergency department visits related to drug abuse is $161 million.

Annual Financial Burden in United States

Tobacco: $300 billion

Alcohol: $249 billion

Illicit Dugs: $193 billion

Prescription opioids: $78.5 billion


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